Social Media News is everywhere. Which source is best?

June 28th, 2020

At MDR SOCIAL we use a variety of news sources to keep up with an ever changing world of social media. Some of the best websites to use as sources of education and keeping up with the Social Media Jones's we highly recommend this list.

These are just a few which we review regularly. If you simply search Social News you will find plenty of sources to subscribe to for free. Go ahead and educate yourself. This industry is changing everyday. Try to keep up. It's well worth the effort. Stay up on the industry by subscribing to Google Alerts about this industry. These alerts will be pushed to you email inbox daily. 

Another goal would be to become a micro agency specializing in one of the platforms you have expertise in. As time moves forward, business will ask for an Instagram expert. Or they will want an agency with expertise with You Tube. In any event specialization will be a requested need by businesses. We see a future of micro social agencies with expertise in one of these areas. It is our opinion that to have expertise in all of them, especially since they change so frequently, is not possible.

Finally we recommend setting aside one day week for your continued education in this space. As a Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer continues their education, so does the social marketing agency. In fact the changes in any one platform happen so fast we wonder if anyone will ever really be an expert in this sector of business. It's a daunting goal to become an expert. An expert who can never rest on their education. We sometimes wonder if this is the way we really want to see our industry go. But the genie is our of the bottle.