Digital Sales Leads Numbers Increase, Problems Remain

October 23rd, 2020

Digital engagement will continue to increase with consumers in all the latest surveys. Experts agree that COVID-19 has accelerated this shift to digital,. Most businesses report their interactions with customers are strong because of digital contacts. Businesses also report excitement about the ROI for Digital Sales Leads generated by this direction.

The majority of business owners say they are struggling with this new frontier of customer contact. Problems exist with dealing with customer data, feedback and other communication issues. Some businesses are struggling with the learning curve of using new technology. 

To read more about this we suggest you read EMAIL MARKETING DAILY article written by Rat Schultz

Businesses will need to remain focused and educated to keep up with the ever changing climate of the digital sales lead opportunity. Most efforts do not require much expense. However all efforts require experience and continued education to keep up as we all as learning.